Mountain Niceness Moment of the Week.

14143Photo by Jon Mancuso somewhere in Sun Valley, Idaho.

World Telemark Day 2016

I am proud to be a freeheel skier.  I love the feeling I get when I drop into a telemark turn.  There is nothing like carving and surfing down the blank canvas.  Todays equipment has come along way from the my old leather days.  Enjoy the latest episode of Ida-pow4.


World Tele Day 2016 from Danny Irie Walton on Vimeo.


Enjoy the first instalment of Ida-pow video series.  Great skiing conditions at Sun Valley Resort and Ketchum front country!


Ida-pow from Danny Irie Walton on Vimeo.

Corn Harvest

Still great skiing on Galena summit.  I enjoyed some great corn skiing on Mushroom Ridge.


Mushroom Ridge from Danny Irie Walton on Vimeo.


Bomb Snow Magazine 10 Year Book


I am super proud to be featured in Bomb Snow Magazine’s 10 Year Book!  The image was taken in the Idaho backcountry by Tal Roberts is featured on the table of contents page.  Bombsnow is a soulful and super creative publication.  They feature amazing art, ski bum travel adventures and epic images! I especially love the ski edits they put out with high energy riding and tunes.  Be sure to check out their site



POW for Christmas!

Jon Mancuso Photography

Christmas treats came to Idaho!  Yes, we were greeted with a fresh foot Christmas morning!  We are off to a great start this season.  Hopefully, Ullr keeps on blessing us with freshies.  Here are a few shots from Jon Mancuso

Jon Mancuso Photography

Jon Mancuso Photography

Jon Mancuso Photography

Jon Mancuso Photography


Sawtooth Time

It was time to head into the Sawtooths for a Spring Ski mission of the Sickle Couloir.  The Sickle is listed as one of the Top 50 ski descents!  We were lucky enough to break up the approach by spending the night at the Sun Valley Trekking Fishhook Yurt.   SVT yurts are huts are really sty-lee.  They have all the comforts of home and everything you need.  I was stoked to see the pimped out solar set up for charging phones and bumping tunes!


I must say that it is a real low tide year.  This trip had the most the dirt I’ve walked across on my skis and bush wacking for April.  These are the normally conditions of late May not April.  Dirt, down logs,beetle kill tree maze and creek crossings were the pearls of the adventure.  Up high the snowpack was deepper in the Alpine as we alpine crawled up the couly.  The North face was still holding cold deep chalky powder and was blower. All in all is was a long big day and great adventure!  Big ups to my positive partners Mike Dunning and Parker Brown!  Enjoy these images!



photo 4(2)

photo 3(7)


photo 1(7)




Ski ya later

Skiing on Mushroom Ridge

Re-fresh….well kinda.  It was great to see 10 inches of fresh on Galena Summit over the weekend!  I had a great day touring with Craig Wolfrom on Mushroom Ridge.  As always it was great times in mountains despite the cold temps and a blistering wind.  Yeah it is still winter on the pass!

Enjoy these image from Craig Wolfrom and take few minutes to check his blog

Photo: Craig Wolfrom

Photo: Craig Wolfrom




 Here are some shots I took with my I-Phone






Powder at the Pass

It has been a great week of ski touring in Central Idaho!  I was lucky enough to get out and enjoy the fresh foot on Galena Summit.  Enjoy these images.









Ski Crampon Option for Rottafella Freeride

Ski Crampons are crucial for spring travel in the mountains.  They weigh nothing and take up little space.  Without them on a frozen morning can be down right scary.  They are something Mike Hattrup “brings on every trip.”

When I switched to the NTN system 9 years ago I began playing around and researching different options.  After trial and error I found the Voile Universal Ski Crampon to work the best for the NTN system.  It is not perfect but works well with skins on the ascent.  The purchase point is farther back but it can still sink its teeth in the firm ice or snow.

They are simple to mount.  Just drill one hole for the disks.  The crampon fits on the disk and you spin the disk to tighten.

They are easy to use with heel risers up.

I got extra disk sets mounted to different skis so I can use the same set of crampons for multiple ski set ups.

Ski crampons….don’t leave home without them this spring.

See part 2 for Freedom binding