New SUP the Mag

I was beyond stoked to see this image in the latest SUP the Magazine.  The photo was taken by John Webster in Stanley, Idaho on the Salmon River..  It was always a dream to paddle in the Sawtooths in the winter.  Live your dreams.



SUP Video Destination~Redfish Lake, ID


Located in the heart of the Sawtooth National Recreation Area, Redfish Lake is named for the brilliant Sockeye Salmon that once returned from the Pacific Ocean in such massive quantities that the lake shimmered red during spawning season. Sadly, these fish are now on the endangered species list.  In the fall when supping you can see a few of these beautiful fish that have been trucked in to spawn.

One of my favorite paddles is a lap around Redfish Lake. It is about 9.7 miles when you circumnavigate.  The lake sits at 6,500 feet and is surrounded by 10,000 foot peaks.

Enjoy this edit from July.

Stand Up Paddleboarding at Redfish Lake from Danny Irie Walton on Vimeo.

Paddling with Dad~Sawtooth Lakes


I have been thinking about my Dad a lot this summer.  Being in Bali and spending so much time on the water this summer has allowed me time to feel his presence.  He is always there looking after me.  I always loved telling him about my different adventures and he would just laugh and with his beaming smile.  Man, he sure loved to laugh.


My Dad had some great sayings…”talk is cheap”,  “you got to want it” and “finish strong”.  Dad would have been 79 this year.  In honour of his birthday I paddled the Sawtooth lakes.  I love you buddy.

Stanley Lake=2.4, Redfish Lake=9.7, Petit Lake=4.5, Alturus=4.7

Total 21.3 miles


Big Life Magazine Summer’15

Nesta and I are in this summer’s Big Life Magazine.  We are pictured in the article that features different vans.  We have been blessed with lots of great adventures with this rig over the past decade.  The photo was taken by Ray Gadd in the Sawtooths Mountains, Idaho.


SUP The Mag Feature

photo 4(12)

Beyond stoked to have a few images published in the new SUP The Mag.  This is my first SUP double spread.  The article is  about my favorite paddle spot- Redfish Lake.  These great images were taken by Ray Gadd .

photo(82)photo 2(27) photo 3(23)

Mountain Niceness ~ Moment of the Week


Good to spend some time in the Sawtooths with the Sun Valley Trekking Crew!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

Thanks for the great support in 2013!  Enjoy this slideshow!
Mountain Niceness 2013

Look for more positive good things in 2014.



Big Lake Paddle Quest


August 8, 2013, Sun Valley, ID—Mountain Niceness Productions presents the debut of the Big Lake Paddle Quest to benefit Wood River MS Walk, St. Baldrick’s Foundation and Camp Rainbow Gold.

Support Danny Walton as he will attempt a trio of accomplishments paddle boarding the Sawtooth Lakes, Canada to Cleveland crossing of Lake Erie and Lake Tahoe while benefiting and raising awareness for three great causes. The paddleboard events will take place throughout the month of August.

“It’s a series of three stand-up paddle board events that will take place to raise funds and awareness,” said Danny Walton, founder of Mountain Niceness Productions. “Crossing Western Lake Erie from Canada to Cleveland, 30-miles, has never be done on a paddleboard.”

Walton has fallen in love with stand-up paddle boarding, which is no surprise since he is an athlete and professional skier. He will circumnavigate the Sawtooth Lakes—Alturas, Pettit, Redfish and Stanley Lakes—at a total of 22-miles as well as 77-miles around Lake Tahoe.

“I wanted an opportunity to give back to great organizations and help to raise funds for them,” he said. “I love the challenge of these adventures because it’s a new sport.”

Paddle boarding is a sport that can be enjoyed at every level of experience and in all types of water environments, which is another reason Walton would like to promote the sport along with the causes who he wants support. Walton is a pro skier, adventurer and paddle boarder who travels the west via a VW van spreading the mountain niceness and throwing world class mountain town events.

“This is my good will,” Walton said. “I have been lucky to do all the things I love to do, which includes skiing and mountain climbing, and I want to give back.”

Walton’s epic paddle boarding journey benefit would not be possible without the following sponsors: Avex, Glide, Beyond Coastal Sun Care, Zenergy at Thundersprings Spa and Club, Mammut, Chums, Smith Optics and the Cleveland Coffee Company.

For more details on the event and to donate, visit or for more information on the beneficiaries, visit Wood River MS Walk at, St. Baldrick’s Foundation and Camp Rainbow Gold


Mountain Niceness Tour~Alturus Lake,ID


Time to get the SUP out for the first paddle of season!  Alturus Lake was open so we headed to the Sawtooths!  Nothing like having the whole lake to yourself with few friends the whole weekend.  This is still really early season paddle boarding for me considering I am still skiing.  I think Nesta was even more excited than me.  Last season he went out on the SUP over 30 days when he was a puppy.  Now, he is over 100 pounds so I wore a wet suit just in case.  Our friend photographer Thia Konig was there to capture these sweet images.  Be sure to check out Thia’s site









Mountain Niceness Moment of the Week

Opening day SUP with Nesta at Alturus Lake,ID.

Opening day SUP with Nesta at Alturus Lake,ID.