Ski Crampons for Rottafella Freedom


Here is part 2 for Ski crampon options for Rottafella NTN bindings.  The best ski crampon option I’ve found for Rottafella Freedom NTN is from B & D.  B & D have been around for years fabricating ski mountaineering parts in the Sierra’s.  They make it simple to mount and easy to use.

In part 1 I mention how crucial ski crampons are for spring traveling in the mountains. Here is a set up for the Freedom bindings.


Drill two holes in the back of the binding.


Lift binding up and slide in crampon.  This will take a couple try to get used to.


Place crampon down and squeeze the brakes over the crampon. Bam…you are in business!




All the tech details B & D’s tech page for

Ski Crampon Option for Rottafella Freeride

Ski Crampons are crucial for spring travel in the mountains.  They weigh nothing and take up little space.  Without them on a frozen morning can be down right scary.  They are something Mike Hattrup “brings on every trip.”

When I switched to the NTN system 9 years ago I began playing around and researching different options.  After trial and error I found the Voile Universal Ski Crampon to work the best for the NTN system.  It is not perfect but works well with skins on the ascent.  The purchase point is farther back but it can still sink its teeth in the firm ice or snow.

They are simple to mount.  Just drill one hole for the disks.  The crampon fits on the disk and you spin the disk to tighten.

They are easy to use with heel risers up.

I got extra disk sets mounted to different skis so I can use the same set of crampons for multiple ski set ups.

Ski crampons….don’t leave home without them this spring.

See part 2 for Freedom binding