Fall Stand Up Journal


It’s always a good day when the new Stand Up Journal arrives at the Post Office.  The fall issue celebrates SUP 10th Annaversary as a sport.  There are great articles about the history and people that made our sport.  All the hero are in there Gerry Lopez, Laird, Kia and many others.  To my surprise on the last page Editors Note is a picture of Nesta and I! It is such honor to be in such a great publication.  This makes the 3rd time we have appeared in the Stand Up Journal!  All the images were taken by Ray Gadd.


Sun Valley Magazine SUP Article

Really proud to be featured in Sun Valley Magazine’s article “Walking on Water”about stand up paddleboarding.  The article was written by Kira Tenney and features photos from Ray Gadd. Check out here http://www.sunvalleymag.com/Sun-Valley-Magazine/Summer-2015/Walking-on-Water/  or on news-stands.GaddRay_762A8402762A1035