Paddling with Dad~Sawtooth Lakes


I have been thinking about my Dad a lot this summer.  Being in Bali and spending so much time on the water this summer has allowed me time to feel his presence.  He is always there looking after me.  I always loved telling him about my different adventures and he would just laugh and with his beaming smile.  Man, he sure loved to laugh.


My Dad had some great sayings…”talk is cheap”,  “you got to want it” and “finish strong”.  Dad would have been 79 this year.  In honour of his birthday I paddled the Sawtooth lakes.  I love you buddy.

Stanley Lake=2.4, Redfish Lake=9.7, Petit Lake=4.5, Alturus=4.7

Total 21.3 miles


Water Niceness Slideshow

photo 2(32)

As we are blessed with the first snow of the season it is time to give thanks for some great time on the water!  Enjoy this slide show of images captured via stand up paddleboard this year.  All images were taken in Idaho and Washington.


photo 3(26)

photo 1(29)

photo 3(27) photo 2(33)

photo 1(30)

Mountain Niceness Tour~Alturus Lake,ID


Time to get the SUP out for the first paddle of season!  Alturus Lake was open so we headed to the Sawtooths!  Nothing like having the whole lake to yourself with few friends the whole weekend.  This is still really early season paddle boarding for me considering I am still skiing.  I think Nesta was even more excited than me.  Last season he went out on the SUP over 30 days when he was a puppy.  Now, he is over 100 pounds so I wore a wet suit just in case.  Our friend photographer Thia Konig was there to capture these sweet images.  Be sure to check out Thia’s site









Mountain Niceness Moment of the Week

Opening day SUP with Nesta at Alturus Lake,ID.

Opening day SUP with Nesta at Alturus Lake,ID.