Travel Tips for Inflatable SUP


On a recent trip to Bali I brought my Bic SUP AIR Touring ’11.  I didn’t want to be in SUP paradise with out a board. I was able to check two bags free for my international flight.  So, it was a easy choice.IMG_1833

It was actually a pretty simple process. I tightened the SUP down like it arrived in the box.  I used NRS strapes to cinch it down to meet travel size regulations.  And yes, the airline pulled out the tape measure to check.  It was good and I was not charged extra.  I put the fin, pump and repair kit in travel duffle.  I brought my 3 piece Warner paddle with me as a carry on.  I threw it in a sleeping pad bag that I could connect to my day pack.

IMG_1902IMG_1905 IMG_2106

IMG_1906 IMG_2171

I hope these tips help you on your next adventure.  As you can see, you don’t want to be wishing you brought a board when it is this easy.

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